The only treadmill that can be moved and stored anywhere, easily!

It’s a treadmill, not furniture. Whether you live in studio or castle, treadmills are there to be used, not seen.


Dimensions 55” L x 25” W x 3.8” H
Belt Size 47" L x 18.5" W
Min Height 1.8"
Max Height 3.5"
Ground Clearance 1.2"


Speed 0-5 mph
Max Weight 220 lb
Engine Power 350 WT/ 0.5 I/s
Maximum Engine Power 750 WT/ 1 I/s
Power Requirements 110V 50Hz-60Hz


Treadly Weight 64 lb
Frame Build Aluminum Alloy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Treadly be used on a rug or carpet?

Treadly’s running belt is closer to the ground than ordinary treadmills, which can create friction and leave marks if used on a carpet or rug. Therefore, we recommend that you only use your Treadly on a hard, flat surface.

How long can I use Treadly in a single workout?

Due to Treadly’s unique, portable size, Treadly has a small engine that works optimally for workouts up to 60 minutes and may be used for a total of 100 minutes at a time.

What is Treadly’s weight limit?

Due to Treadly’s compact design, the machine should only be used for weights up to 220 pounds.

What is Treadly’s maximum speed?

Treadly’s maximum speed is 5 mph when the handrail is lifted and 3.8 mph when the handrail is folded. To reach the maximum 5 mph speed, simply lift the handle, or go hands-free at a steady 3.8 mph pace.

Is there any assembly required?

Treadly comes ready to use straight out of the box, thanks to its patented invisible bolt assembly. Just plug and go.