Small. Smart. Connected.

Treadly 2 is now smarter and more durable than ever before. Join a community of people who walk, jog, track their progress and compete with each other. Reach your goals and create a walking habit.

Handrail Control

Combining modern accessibility with ultra-versatility to bring your workout directly to your fingertips.

New Frame

Upgraded construction with reinforced aluminum, safely supports users up to 265 lb.

Carpet Friendly

Increased profile allows Treadly 2 to be operated on both hard surfaces and low profile carpets.

No Limit

Redesigned cooling system and improved turbofan allow for unlimited workout time.

Treadly Challenges

A weekly giveaway challenge with a moderate step count goal (4k/5k a day). Creating a consistent walking habit is done through small, gradual wins. Consider these weekly challenges a jumpstart to get your body moving and establish a daily walking routine that sticks.

Completed Challenges

  • 10/17/2022 - 5 Day 20k Steps Challenge (4k a day) - Two Winners 🏆 Airpod (3rd generation).
  • 10/09/2022 - 5 Day 20k Steps Challenge (4k a day) - Two Winners 🏆 $300 Nike Gift Card.
  • 10/04/2022 - 5 Day 20k Steps Challenge (4k a day) - One Winner 🏆 iPhone 14 Pro 6.1-inch display.
* Apple and Nike are not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

Choose Your Experience

Both models allow you to regulate your speed using the handrail and auto speed control. Treadly basic is shipped with remote control, and Treadly 2 Pro offers our latest Treadly IOS (Android basic control available) mobile app that controls the speed, tracks your stats, participate in weekly challenges and immerses you into an online community, offering you the ability to interact and compete with Treadly users via live video streams.

Treadly 2 Pro

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Treadly 2 Basic

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  • Includes:
  • Treadly 2 Basic
  • Remote Control
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 Year Warranty
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A New Immersive Experience

From the re-designed workout control modes to the ultra-lightweight frame, the Treadly 2 is a step above the rest. Equipped with a smart-control handrail system, it easily allows you to switch between multiple control modes. Standing only 3.7” tall Treadly 2 is the ideal height to be stored underneath a couch, office desk, or bed.

Working out from home has never been easier.

Take it for a walk. If you don’t love your Treadly 2, we’ll gladly take it back for a replacement or refund.

Walk with confidence. We provide full protection against manufacturing defects.

No need to break the bank. Pay over time with easy, fixed monthly payments.

Brilliant Display & Speaker

Keep track of your workout stats and easily detect your workout mode with the illuminated workout display. Immerse yourself into complete and total workout mode while listening to your favorite music with the powerful built-in stereo Bluetooth speaker.

One Handrail to Rule Them All

Treadly 2 comes fully equipped with an aluminum-reinforced hydraulic handrail that makes operating the handrail a breeze. Effortlessly lock the handrail in place by using the bi-switch. Enjoy an idyllic and pleasant walk or jog at any speed up to 5 mph.
If a relaxed walk is what you’re looking for, fold the handrail down and enjoy a walking speed of up to 3.7 mph.


The in-home fitness experience that lets you enjoy working out

Introducing the Treadly community. Live video workout groups created by our members. Join a group or create your own. Invite a friend to join in a one-on-one video workout. Invite others to join or keep it solo. With the Treadly community, your meetup group is also your workout.

Treadly Games

Introducing Treadly games (coming soon to Treadly Pro) - a gamified fitness experience. Compete against your best time or other community members. Get chased by zombies or just run in a beautiful forest with your pet companion. Whether you're looking for some extra motivation or just want a fun way to keep moving.

Coming Soon Image

Zombie Run

Get chased by Zombies

The zombies are getting closer from behind or in the front, you are challenged to change speed zones between walking and running to evade them before they attack.

Coming Soon Image

Mountain Run

Compete against other members

Run and compete against others in mountain terrain. Challenge yourself to run your best and compete against other runners, or challenge your friends to a daily duel.

Coming Soon Image

Forest Run

Run in a beautiful animated forest

You will run through a beautiful animated forest while the seasons are changing. You will be challenged to change speed zones between walking and running to complete each season.


Live content. Real people. Tracked stats.

The Treadly community introduces you to live video walking groups based on your interests, desired level of activity, and time of day. We’ll suggest groups that you might enjoy, or you can scroll through groups in your area. Join a walking group or start your own. Real people. Real progress.

Live interest-based weekly groups

Combine the motivation of an instructor with the camaraderie of a meetup group, on your schedule.

As social as you want to be

Join the conversation or just listen to others, send messages or even start your own group.

Never walk alone again

Find someone to walk with you day or night. Find the perfect group to transform your workout into a hangout.

Compete against yourself. Or others. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Choose the level of engagement you prefer. Compete against yourself or others. Get real-time metrics on every workout, including miles, calories, steps, achievements, and much more.

Set your daily or monthly goals and we’ll track them. For you competition enthusiasts, see how you rank against yourself or your friends, or choose a workout group that sets a minimum number of steps.

Apple Watch Compatible

Track your progress and synchronize with the Treadly app and Apple health.

Join or Start a Live Stream

The best way to maintain a regular workout is to walk with other people with similar goals or interests. Where your book club is your workout. Where you’re just social enough to keep you going. Where your favorite fashion blogger is your workout buddy.



New Frame New Design

Improved aluminum-reinforced frame is capable of supporting users up to 265 lb. Elevated design allows use on low profile carpets.

Store Upright

Rubber padding on the front allow for effortless upright storage.

Auto-Align Belt

With the newly reconceptualized alignment mechanism, the belt automatically realigns and centers to fit your walking style.

Unlimited Walk/Run Time

Our redesigned internal temperature management and exhaust system lets you operate the machine for as long as you choose, whenever you like.

Handrail Control System

Access your daily workouts from the tip of your finger with the help of the handrail control system.

Small, But Mighty

We kept things small. With a height of 3.7” and weight of as little as 77 lb, you can easily maneuver the Treadly 2 using the folded handrail and its 2 front support wheels.

4 Modes of Control

Control your Treadly in four different ways depending on the model. Both the Treadly basic and Treadly pro are equipped with the handrail and auto-position speed control. In addition, Treadly Basic includes a remote control while Treadly pro has built-in Bluetooth integration with our IOS app, allowing you to seamlessly switch modes mid-workout for both models.

Join the Treadly Community

The Treadly community is full of members just like you! Send us your video or pictures and join the thousands of Treadly enthusiasts who share their way to a new healthier lifestyle.



Handrail Open Dimensions 56.3" L x 28.9" W x 40.5" H
Handrail Folded Dimensions 58.1" L x 28.9" W x 3.7" H
Belt Size 47.2" x 18.1"


Speed 0-5 mph
Max User Weight 265 lb
Engine Power 750W 1HP
Power Requirements 110V 50Hz-60Hz


Treadly Weight 77.2 lb
Frame Build Aluminum Alloy
Display White matrix digital display

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Treadly be used on a rug or a carpet?

Yes! Treadly 2 is elevated while maintaining its unique thin design. There is enough space under the belt to use it on thin rugs and carpets with short fibers.

What is Treadly’s maximum speed?

Treadly’s maximum speed is 5 mph when the handrail is lifted and 3.7 mph when the handrail is folded.

How long can I use Treadly in a single workout?

Great news! You can use the Treadly as much you would like during a single workout. There is no time limit.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! Treadly offers a range of financing options, starting as low as $63/month with 0% APR (customers who qualify) for 12 months.

Is Treadly’s handrail removable?

Treadly’s handrail is non-removable. However, the handrail can be easily folded away to facilitate easy storage.

Does Treadly offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 12-month warranty under normal use.

Is there an Android version available?

We have released the basic version of our Android app that enables you to control the treadmill, the full social version is coming out soon.

Can I switch between Auto and Manual mode while walking on the Treadly?

Yes, you can switch between the walking modes by using the “switch” button on your handrail or on your remote control.

Does Treadly’s handrail need to be purchased separately?

No. Treadly’s foldable handrail comes pre-assembled and does not need to be purchased separately.

How do I contact Treadly?

You can reach our customer happiness team by phone Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm EST, by phone at 877-273-2701 or by email at:

What are Treadly's shipping costs?

Shipping is currently free during our spring promotion to all contiguous states.


You don’t have to break the bank to get a Treadly. Pay over time with easy, fixed monthly payments.


Walk with confidence. We provide full protection against manufacturing defects.


Take it for a walk. If you don’t love your Treadly, we’ll gladly take it back for a replacement or refund.